Leadership  Coaching, because there's a G A P between how others see you and how you see yourself.

And it's Limiting Your Potential   

Become the leader everyone wants to work with.   

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Be a Better Boss and Get Promoted Along the Way Tips Here!

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Be The Boss Everyone Wants To Work With! 



Tips To Be The Boss Everyone Wants To Work With

Get inspired learn and few new tricks along the way!

Becca's Story

Becca was able to step her way into a new role with a unique combination of a new title and salary bumps over a 12 month period. 

Ken's Story

Ken was able to prove to his boss and team he was ready to step into a new role in 11 months.

Gabbie's Story

Gabbie was able to save her job by picking up on subtle clues from her boss about her performance. 


Carry Metkowski , TEDx Speaker, Forbes Coaches Council Member, and Forbes Expert Panel Member has logged over twenty-two thousand coaching hours, helping today's leaders reach their goals.

With a structured yet individualized process, her clients demonstrate measurable results they care about.  She specializes in measurable leadership growth and behavioral coaching techniques. 

How Does Leadership Coaching Work?

We'll Measure

You take an anonymous, confidential  363 Workplace Assessment to help you find a starting place on your map. 

Involve Key Stake Holders

You pick raters you respect. They help point you towards a couple of key behaviors and give you ideas to try going forward each month. 

Take Action on Ideas

You and I will take consistent action on the ideas you receive from the stakeholders. 

Follow Up with Stake Holders

Listening and consistent follow-up (my secret sauce recipe) are the keys to progress and shifting perception. The real key step to improving leadership impact. 

Coach with Carry

We will use each coaching session to tackle issues, celebrate progress and remove obstacles. 

Progress Assessment

We will remeasure at the mid way point to ensure we are on track and able to forecast next steps. 

What's in the Coaching Package? 

  • 11 On-Line Video-Based Learning Modules with 11 Worksheets including the bonus offers:

Guide to Processing Feedback for Growth

Learn How Identify Obstacles and Forward Pulling Forces for Change

Learn to Lead from Values - Card Deck Included 

Individual Promotability Action Plan

  • 12 Intensive Coaching Calls
  • Measurable Proof of Growth 
  • No Cost Question Calls (15 minutes or Less)
  • *363 Workplace Performance Assessment 



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