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Individual Coaching:

Designed for emerging and high-potential leaders, this structured coaching program is the ideal fusion of training (online learning modules) and coaching to support leaders as they grow in their ability to influence and produce results through others. (Click the link for full program and process description.)

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Executive Leadership Coaching

Carry will work with each Operator and/or leader in the LDP Program to tailor a customized coaching package to help each person learn more about himself/herself using assessments such as DISC, Building Trust, and 363 Work of Leaders. Through this coaching, Carry also works with each leader to define goals, develop other high-capacity leaders, and learn and lead the business. (Click through the link for full -program and process description.)

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Project Consulting

Do you want to re-evaluate your current leadership path and structure? Do you want to elevate your hiring and onboarding process to attract top talent? Want to explore alternative staffing opportunities such as internships or internal LDP programs? Do you want to have a two or three-day offsite for annual planning?

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Carry Metkowski , TEDx Speaker, Forbes Coaches Council Member, and Forbes Expert Panel Member has logged over twenty-two thousand coaching hours, helping today’s leaders reach their goals.


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