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What’s in the Coaching Package?

In this workshop, Carry will guide Operators and their leaders to explore and identify a workplace aim that becomes the framework for winning behavior in each Restaurant or organization. With this tool, Operators and their leaders will see and experience how to hire, develop, coach, and inspire their Team Members to create a healthy culture. The workshop also introduces tools that guide Operators’ leaders to infuse this framework into every area of the organization.

Price: $3,500 per day, plus travel and lodging. There is no limit on number of participants.

We will work to help Operators and their selected leaders develop emotional intelligence, grow as an influencer, uncover biases and blind spots, identify priorities, and execute strategies for relationships and leadership.

  • Price: $350 per month, two on-site or virtual coaching sessions per month. Price includes the participant’s choice of two personality assessments (DISC, Strengthsfinder, or The Work of Leaders 363). Travel and lodging are additional costs for on-site visits.

We will work with each Operator and/or leader in the LDP Program to tailor a customized coaching package to help each person learn more about himself/ herself using assessments such as DISC and The Work of Leaders 363. Through this coaching, we work with each leader to define goals and increase the ability to develop other high-capacity leaders.

  • Price: $650 per person per month for two 45-minute virtual coaching sessions

Operators may select a topic around leadership development for a focused discussion with a LeadersQ coach and their leaders aimed at problem-solving, collaboration, and accountability for the strategic implementation of goals.

  • Price: $450 per month with three participants ($50 for each additional person). On-site and virtual coaching options are available.

With this package, we coach to develop both individuals and teams simultneously. Individual monthly leadership coaching is provided for each leader based on development needs. Each leader participates in monthly director-team group coaching, a facilitated time dedicated to mutual accountability, creative problem-solving and collaboration on team goals.

  • Price: $1,250 monthly for three members ($300 for each additional member). Virtual coaching is recommended for this package. Each person will have a 1:1 coaching session and a monthly group session.


Carry Metkowski , TEDx Speaker, Forbes Coaches Council Member, and Forbes Expert Panel Member has logged over twenty-two thousand coaching hours, helping today’s leaders reach their goals.


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